How to delete a fine-tune model (via api)?

Sorry, do you mean validation rules?

Maybe check out this very detailed lab-style tutorial:

Thank you very much!
But I confused, why I still got fine-tune failure when I only use your sample(complete copy):
{“prompt”:“What is your favorite color? ++++”, “completion”:" My super favorite color is blue. ####"}
But these samples can work:
{“prompt”: “When I go to the store, I want an”, “completion”: “apple.”}
{“prompt”: “When I go to work, I want a”, “completion”: “coffee.”}
{“prompt”: “When I go home, I want a”, “completion”: “soda.”}

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Are you going to publish this tool publicly?
Me want plz. :slight_smile:

Me too failing with just simple data. Answering me totally different answer than my json.

Does this process also delete the file that was uploaded to train the model?

I dont understand the solution, sorry…

  1. I delete the model here:


(And it’s deleted, because I can’t delete it again)

  "error": {
    "message": "The model 'curie:ft-softtek-2023-06-10-21-58-23' does not exist",
    "type": "invalid_request_error",
    "param": "model",
    "code": "model_not_found"
  1. But it still appears on the list.

  "data": [
      "object": "fine-tune",
      "id": "ft-uAOw3aVH7peFJXdRgnbBelsJ",
      "hyperparams": {
        "n_epochs": 4,
        "batch_size": 1,
        "prompt_loss_weight": 0.01,
        "learning_rate_multiplier": 0.1
      "organization_id": "org-G5eOMptejHwnmqi3bWMcjc4Z",
      "model": "curie",
      "training_files": [
          "object": "file",
          "id": "file-ggMQlu5jBr8reKi1XPREC1KF",
          "purpose": "fine-tune",
          "filename": "mr-foo-data.jsonl",
          "bytes": 280,
          "created_at": 1686429425,
          "status": "deleted",
          "status_details": null
      "validation_files": [],
      "result_files": [
          "object": "file",
          "id": "file-35xDgwXocU60MwMEsoCtW2jj",
          "purpose": "fine-tune-results",
          "filename": "compiled_results.csv",
          "bytes": 765,
          "created_at": 1686434303,
          "status": "deleted",
          "status_details": null
      "created_at": 1686434143,
      "updated_at": 1686434304,
      "status": "succeeded",
      "fine_tuned_model": "curie:ft-softtek-2023-06-10-21-58-23"

any ideas please

Can you share where you can access this page to manage models and jobs please?

that was a custom tool I developed to do it. its not online or available.

Ouch, that tool would be awesome to have it online.

would you pay for it? how much would such a tool be worth?

Although the GET /v1/fine-tunes endpoint still shows engines with a success signal, the delete endpoint is functioning properly. It is currently hard to comprehend the engines that are offered.

A 404 will be returned if you call the delete endpoint again. I believe the delete endpoint is OK, however the fine-tunes endpoint either has a glitch or I am not seeing it.

Looks to be resolved. Not using a library since I prefer Node.js and the NPM module is out of date.

Using curl I see the success and calling the list of models it is gone.

Hi Rechel,
I used your tip to delete my fine-tuned model using API (Postman):
I received this response:
“id”: “ft:gpt-3.5-turbo-0613:personal::8N9F8ACB”,
“object”: “model”,
“deleted”: true

But when I check on ,the model has not been cleared yet.

how did you solve the issue later, @birdy?

@taufiq Hi, You can see the answers here Delete a fine-tuned model OpenAI GPT-3.5-turbo

Basically, you’ve deleted the model and can’t use it, but it’s still visible in the UI.

Using the python command to delete the model but it is not working, getting an error as
‘OpenAI’ object has no attribute ‘Model’ , can anyone help me with that!