How to deal with "lazy" GPT 4

Agreed. So the big lesson here: Make your application as provider-agnostic as you can!

Difficult to see, the future is. Always in motion.


I surely won’t forget abusive business strategies, especially when evaluating where to put my money at.

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I want to echo the frustrations expressed in this thread. I’ve been a long-time OpenAI subscriber, and lately, I’ve seen very concerning changes:

  • Customer Support: Response times and helpfulness need significant improvement. This is a major pain point for the community.
  • Model Quality & Compliance: Recent declines in quality and increasingly restrictive compliance make it harder to get reliable results.
  • Communication: More transparency from OpenAI about the reasons behind these changes would go a long way in rebuilding trust.

I’m not sure if these changes are intentional, but they harm the user experience. This hurts OpenAI’s reputation and makes it difficult to justify continued investment in the technology. OpenAI has a responsibility to its paying subscribers.

It would be great to start a dialogue with OpenAI about finding solutions. We all want to see this technology succeed!

Open AI, are you listening?

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GPTs are completely unusable: slow, don’t follow custom instructions, lazy. I am being scammed into paying 20$ per month while giving them my data. I couldn’t be more disappointed of OpenAI.

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This is a MASSIVE issue. “Lazy” is the perfect word to describe it, specifically because the only work around I’ve found is to appeal to chatGPT’s charitable side to convincing it to help you. I’ve found it unable/unwilling to read pdfs until I implore it with many pleases and thank you’s, almost begging it to help

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Gemini is worse. Move to Claude!

But Claude is text based only. It’s so limited :frowning:

I find I’m using AI less and less nowadays to help me with coding as I my own knowledge increases. AI is good for more basic things but once it gets more complex it can kind of struggle, I find targeted guides by developers more useful nowadays. Still like having AI to turn to though, not giving that up. Claude seems less lazier than ChatGPT (it doesn’t miss out code as much) but in my experience have about the same success/failure rate.

Today, it refuses to display anything. I can’t even access my work currently. What a bummer

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For me it works but GPTs completely ignore (like 100%) custom instructions.

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This is true. I have access to all the Gemini versions from Pro to Ultra, and there are issues. But, to be fair, these models are in private preview mode and Google is actively working to fix the issues.

We have to wait, chatgpt must develop. He will still show what he is capable of!

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I’ve been waiting for one year and more (from chat GPT 3 up to now chat GPT 4). I am not donating any more money to chatGPT and OpenAI while they freely use my data and others’ data for their research purpose.

Use Claude! Even Haiku is never lazy and produce full code for example with perfect quality. To bypass some Claude limitations, I developed open source client GitHub - msveshnikov/allchat

Has some neat features like Excel parse, image generation and Python code run

I madenit a challenge to myselfnto get the stupid thing to help me with a simple Promise based pause with awaiting.

Every. Single. Time. It wrote a setInterval( rather than a promise object.

Whats the point when it just outright goves you the finger for a VERY basic direction?

I agree, I signed up for Claude based on some of the responses in this thread and discovered that even with a paid tier that the prompt input is severly limited. And although the documentation states that you can upload text files (for me it would be code) there is NOTHING in the documentation as to how to do that. There isn’t a paper clip icon or anything like that. The only thing you can upload for sure from the web UI are pictures. But that same button won’t allow you to upload any of the documents that it says it is capable of receiving.

So far I’ve found Claude to be greatly disappointing.

For file upload in Claude, you just drag and drop files - images or text files, or code or whatever…


This chatGPT is really a bummer. This time it refused to load my history!!!

If you’re using the team and higher tiers then OpenAI doesn’t train on your data: Enterprise privacy

I already know about it. But, it doesn’t justify the spending (you have to pay yearly and on-team basis) as of now, as it DOESN’T have the invitation handle. So, any of your team members can INVITE anyone in the team tier.
You get the “invitation handle” only in the enterprise tier, you will need to churn out much more $$$ and you need even larger teams to justify the spending.