How to cut the length of ChatGPT answers


I’ve been using the premium service from day one. Recently, I’ve noticed that ChatGPT’s answers have become increasingly lengthy with each update. This is particularly frustrating when I ask for coding support. Instead of providing a quick answer for 2-3 lines of code or a specific function, ChatGPT often reformulates the entire codebase and creates test instances. While this might be helpful for beginners, it’s not efficient for my needs.

Despite providing context and explicitly instructing ChatGPT to post only the relevant code or the specific lines of interest, it continues to ignore my commands and reformulates everything. This not only wastes time but also often results in unusable answers due to interruptions in the response.

Does anyone have a solution to this problem?

I’ve tried various ways to instruct ChatGPT, but it still ignores my requests. Any advice would be appreciated.


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If you have the Plus plan, try using GPT-4 as the model name in the web interface.

GPT-4o can generate very long code, but if GPT-4o generates long code every time, you may not be able to see the difference, or the generated code may be incorrect.