How to collect information from openai assistant to save in backend or database

I have developed a chatbot utilizing the OpenAI Assistant for the purpose of gathering information from hiring managers regarding job openings. This includes details such as the job title, job description, required years of experience, and the location of the job. I would like to inquire about the following two aspects:

1. How can I efficiently capture the parameter values for the job position name, job description, and job location, and subsequently save these values in a JSON format? For example:

“position_name”: “Software Developer”,
“job_location”: “London, UK”

  1. Once the chatbot or assistant has collected the necessary information from the hiring manager, I intend to conclude the conversation and navigate to another page within the web app. Could you guide me on achieving this using the OpenAI Assistant API?

I think you’ll need to create your own backend and keep track of extra information from there!