How to Chunk a PDF with Extensive Toggle Fields?

Hey guys,

I have a PDF File that ChatGPT cannot access/retrieve/work with. I tried using ChatGPT 4.0 upload file and the AI PDF Custom GPT.

The PDF File is 39,000 kb in size. it has extensive toggle fields (45,000 lines when pasted into Notepad). It’s originally an Export from a Notion Page.

I believe I need to ‘Chunk’ the PDF File so it can be fed into and understood by the ChatGPT AI.

I don’t know how to do this, so turning to the community for support.

Yes I have tried emailing OpenAI Customer Support, requesting assistance for 3 weeks, and get automated email replies in response without help.
I tried googling and even asking chatgpt and couldn’t find a useful tool, I tried going through Reddit. I’m not familiar with github/doing things like that, though I have tried a few times.

Let me know if you need any additional info
I’d rather not upload the actual file, its got some proprietary data inside.

Thanks in advance!

I’m dealing with similar problem…
I’m using a Custom GPT from ChatGPT 4.0, that retrieves large TEXT information from an API (around 1 mb information), and it cannot find specific information from the information itself retrieved…
But, if I copy/paste the result from the same TEXT, on the ChatGPT prompt, it is able to find any specific information that it cannot do through API.
On the same way of your problem with PDF, it cannot put the API result on the chat context.
Did you find something to solve your problem?

Nope still looking tbh really frustrating, just a simple notion page with extensive toggle fields and no matter how i export it, all the AI’s either don’t accept the various file types/sizes or it doesn’t understand the text well