How to check if a content follows Brand Guidelines

I have a huge set of Brand Guidelines which any new email or push template should follow. I want to calculate a Brand Consistency Score, how consistent is the template according to the guidelines on a scale of 1-5, and a list of improvements.

How can I use GPT to solve this issue? The main issue is I can’t pass the entire guidelines document everytime to check if a content follows these guidelines because the guidelines document is pretty huge.

I am thinking that I somehow need to first find out the relevant guidelines for an Email Template and then pass those in the prompt along with the template. But if I follow this approach, how do I even find the matching guidelines?

This sounds like it might be a job for fine-tuning if you have any existing data you can use for that.

Any idea how a dataset for this may look like, Jake?

However big, brand guidelines is a singular document without repetition of the data. Should one generate many singular examples of the correct brand guidelines usage for such dataset?