How to avoid repetitive suggestions from ChatGPT?

I’m trying to use ChatGPT 3.5 and 4 to come up with a name for game development company. I provide key information regarding company values and genres and ask for a list of cool names. Also i provide some examples. It generates a long list of names as requested but i want more. After few messages it starts to heavily repeat itself even if i explicitly ask no to do so and explain what i mean by being repetitive. Generally i gat like 50 root words that now are mixed and matched with eachother. I gave example what do i mean by"root words" and gave it a list of such words to avoid but after 1 message it goes back to same loop.
Is there a strategy to ask it to generate completely unique content in every message?

Fun fact: Bard gave me 90% similar list! I was shocked and then it gone into the similar loop with no escape as well no matter how i ask and instruct about uniqueness.