How to ask a question combining 2 columns of an embedded CSV file

I have a CSV file with just 3 columns, the name, skill and level (of the skill).

I created the embeddings for it splitting it with name and skill as index.

If I now ask a question like: who is the best? I will get the rows ordered by most advanced in any skill.

If I ask: who is more advanced in a specific skill will get the same.

I would of course like to get the answer by taking the skill in consideration.

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Don’t have an answer, but I love the question.

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I don’t think this would be a good application of AI, but it is the bread and butter of what database queries are good at.


My understanding might be incorrect, but I think AI will hold an upper hand in this scenario over conventional database queries. Consider a case where a skill is related to another skill. For example React and JavaScript. When searching for someone with React skills in your database, a person with JavaScript skills will rank higher.

How will the AI know JavaScript > React? It doesn’t have any internal knowledge of how skills are ranked.

Are you thinking something like feed the ranking into the prompt? That might work. How would you solve this with AI? Examples!