How to appeal when my ChatGPT Plus is terminated?

The notification email I received instructed me to appeal at, but I couldn’t find any appeal process or entrance on the website.

I have not engaged in any misconduct, so I believe I can recover my account. If OpenAI is not prepared to provide an appeals process, please state so directly. If you do indeed offer an appeals function, please clarify the procedure and access.


This is a problem even I faced when being sent to that page.

In the lower right is this icon

If you click on it you will see


Actually, I found this button, but I didn’t find how to appeal inside. It’s not even a chat with customer service, just selecting information branches by clicking. Although I eventually found a place where I could input and describe my situation, I don’t think this is a formal appeal method.

As the most popular AI company, I hope OpenAI will pay attention to the issues users encounter. If they can’t even handle the most basic user problems, it’s hard for me to believe that they will seriously consider the interests of humanity when creating super artificial intelligence.