How to access status_details of the file?

Hi all! I hope you’re well.
My problem is:
I already succeeded to fine-tune ChatGPT-3.5, but I’m blocking on a new attempt with another file.
I have this error message:
InvalidRequestError: An error occurred while processing file ‘file-nameofthefile’ and it cannot be used for fine-tuning. Details may be available in the file’s status_details.
But how to access to this status_details to have more information about the problem in the file?

Thank you for your help.
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These are the supplementary methods for fine-tune jobs and the new endpoint (ensure python openai library is updated to latest):

# List 10 fine-tuning jobs

# Retrieve the state of a fine-tune

# Cancel a job

# List up to 10 events from a fine-tuning job
openai.FineTuningJob.list_events(id="ft-abc123", limit=10)

# Delete a fine-tuned model (must be an owner of the org the model was created in)

Since the problem is in the fine tuning file, ensure that it is a valid list of JSONs. It should be separable by carriage return into individual conversation examples that can be processed by json.loads or as python list/dictionary objects without errors.

Hi @patrice.khal

You can make an API call to the Retrieve File endpoint to check the status.

Thank you, I 've succeeded to submit it dividing the jsonl in multiple parts. This way, instead of having just “errors” I was able to obtain more precise information.

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