How the hell to leave a workspace without reactivating?

Anyone know how to get around this? The workspace is now deactivated and I cant leave it. I think its messing with my builder profile. I dont want to spend another $100 to reactivate it just so I can leave

You do not seem to describe an OpenAI product. There might be other venues where what you show can be understood and discussed.

I believe this is a ChatGPT Team notification.

Were it teams, one would be perpetually billed under a subscription until cancelling, and then I would expect that management that would provide such an interface would no longer exist.

The pricing suggested or needing to pay more also doesn’t correspond to teams.

There’s no reference to “smartprompt” I could discover, and doesn’t seem to fit any described OpenAI application. (edit - this is the name of his domain)

The css style of “OK” doesn’t match ChatGPT controls.

@vruppp can tell us if it says “ChatGPT” at the top of the interface and if we are the ones operating in the dark by not trying to leave our teams.

I had the workspace open for one month, then cancelled billing. I created the workspace from my main account. Now that its dectivated I can’t actually leave it. This links to my other post regarding my domain added my GPT’s because it seems like it has bugged it.

Thanks for the clarification. Your own team name appearing in the screenshot and other inconsistent information and UI controls lead to my confusion.

So you have no way to switch to personal ChatGPT, or is it just that the previous teams that you left is still there nagging you after you want the whole thing gone?

Your experience, if fully describing the chronology, what you desire, and how you arrive at the error of not being able to depart despite no longer subscribing, may be something that can be passed along to the ChatGPT team (through multiple steps of “telephone game”).

That’s the name of their workspace.

The issue is they’re the owner of the workspace and trying to leave the workspace. All workspaces need an owner.

If they want to disband the workspace, that’s something else.