How t get the tools to upload an image to chatGPT 4? I already signed up

I am running ChatGPt 4, but there is no window for uploading an image. How do I fix this, or is it just not yet available?

Not yet available. This feature was just announced and it isn’t ready for primetime.

Aha! That explains it.
I thought it was already there, but I wasn’t able to find it.

I do volunteer work for the past 35 years at Aravind Eye Hospital in India. I’m hoping they will be able to upload patient eye photos, and have the IT check for known eye diseases. But that’s a way down the road - I will start with much simpler images, so I can get used to what it can do, and what the limitations are.

I have lots of simpler questions to start with - is this forum an appropriate place to ask? Or should I wait a while?

regarding vision input you have to wait, we don’t have access so there’s no one to answer your questions