How not to talk about your own product

I just saw an Article that was posted like 14h ago and to say it’s not a good look for the CEO of OpenAI is an understatement.

Promoting GPT 5 is great and all, but saying GPT 4, your current product that your asking 21,99€ (ChatGPT +) is s**t is just not ok.

And even more so when just about a month ore so ago they were announcing the new upcoming Voice chat features that are “super impressive”.

I have nothing against promoting your new upcoming product, but not by effectively saying we’re selling you a awful product and we know it.

(Yes I know ChatGPT can be used for free but that doesn’t excuse this)

Here are 2 quotes from Sam Altman in this article:

“GPT-4 is the dumbest model any of you will ever have to use again by a lot. It’s important to ship early and often and we believe in iterative deployment.”

“makes a dumb mistake, like even a six-year-old would never make.”

Not true. After release, I then used GPT-4-0613, GPT-4-turbo-1106, GPT-4-turbo-0125 (where they stripped the turbo name), GPT-4-turbo-0409, GPT-4o, and I can say they still can go worse.