How many times can i fine tune gpt 3

how many times can I fine-tune as I read that you can fine-tune only once…?
Also is there a way for the model to access the internet

As many times as you need to achieve the desired output. No offence but if i know the way for the model to access the internet, i will be the next AI Powered Google :rofl:

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It depends which model you are fine tuning, GPT-3.5 can only be tuned once, other models can be fine tuned as many times as you wish.

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oh i see if i start fine-tuning on gpt 3, can I switch to gpt 3.5

No, you cannot move fine tunes from one model to another.

i dont want to move the fine-tunes specifically, but like can I switch between the models? like gpt 3, gpt 3.5?

GPT-3.5 has a different training set format, but the underlying training data can be reused

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ok i see, Thank you!!! Keep the good work up!!