How I can increase my quata? it runs out too fast

Hi evryone,
Im using the Chat GPT API and whisper API in automations I created with Zapier, unfortunately im getting this error every single time:

“You exceeded your current quota, please check your plan and billing details.”

My automation transcripting an audio file with Whisper, and after few times it giving me the error, and I want the ability to transcript longer audio files (that are less than 25mb) and to transcript more files.

So I wanted to know how I can increase my quata? because right now it runs out too fast

That error should only refer to payment availability.

You can get it by running out of credits, by never having funded your account, or by setting monthly limits that are too low.

I wouldn’t expect it to be a “wait a bit and it works again” scenario. You say “every time”.

The API has a separate billing system, and you must have added a payment method and purchased prepaid credits in order to pay for your data usage.

Hi! thank you for replying :slight_smile:

I charged more credits and it solved it partly.
Because now i managed to upload an audio file of 20min, but when im trying to upload to file of 73 minuts im getting this error: “”“invalid_request_error”"

My file is mp3 that I compressed to be less than 25 mb.

What can be the problem?

The API error value returned should also include messages. API’s messages about errors can be more specific about the part of input that is actually failing.

mp3 is a bit of an oddball format, in that it has data and images placed in front of audio frame data and after, that is not part of the frame data of the audio stream. that data? id3 tags.

Some libraries won’t be able to read past large id3.

But we really should get more info about the error before making guesses.