How do you specify the language (Spanish, Swedish, etc) in ChatGPT API?


I have a quick question, maybe it’s been previously asked, but I cannot find it.

Looking at the ChatGPT API:

From what I understand, ChatGPT can handle other languages apart from English, but Spanish, Russian, Swedish, etc.

How do you specify the language ChatGPT should use/respond in?
Or does it figure that automatically (meaning, if the text is in Swedish, it will notice Swedish and respond using Swedish and Swedish aspects?)

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Is there a single language i.e. Dutch or it should respond in whatever language the user type the message in?


Not sure I understand your question.

For example, if I want to use the ChatGPT API in a Swedish context (question and answer).

I see no way to specify that through the API parameters.

So I am simply wondering, can/should you do that, or does it automatically detect the language and respond accordingly?

If you prompt in your language, it will respond in that language. I usually do that in Spanish


Try this as system message:
"You are ChatGPT, a large language model trained by OpenAI. Answer in user's language as concisely as possible. Knowledge cutoff: Nov 2021 Current date: 5 March 2023"

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Some languages are fairly similar, for example a prompt in Croatian can create a response in Serbian, Bosnian, Montenegrin… I’m sure there are more examples, maybe Macedonian and Bulgarian.

I guess I could concatenate “Respond in {whatever} language” to any user query, but specifying response language could be very useful.

Comment utiliser chat gpt en français ?

ChatGPT, answer in the language what you question it, automatically.
But if you need that ChatGPT always write to you in French then tell it: “From now on, please answer me exclusively in English, even if I ask you in another language.”