How Do You Manage Repeated Prompts? Share Your Tips and Strategies

Hey ChatGPT Power Users!

I’m really curious about how you streamline your experience, particularly when it comes to reusing prompts. Do you start from a base prompt and modify it each time, or perhaps you’ve got a go-to list saved somewhere? Have you discovered any tools that make this easier for you?
I’d love to hear your strategies, as your insights could really help me, and possibly others, make the most of our ChatGPT experience.
Looking forward to hearing your tips and tricks!


After preparing a session introduction prompt and its desired first reply, you can “share chat”. The link can be bookmarked or looked up in account settings->share management to continue new chat. The original conversation can be continued or edited without affecting the share.

The only caveat is the source conversation cannot be deleted. The custom instructions used during the chat share are not maintained by it.