How do I train My GPTs for App Development?

  1. App Development and Learning with My GPTs
    I am planning to train My GPTs with the purpose and details of an app I’m developing.
  • Should I compile all relevant information in a text file (.txt) and upload it via My GPTs?
  • Is there another file format you would recommend over a .txt file for this purpose?
  • If the file is in Korean, will it still be compatible for uploading and processing?
  1. Learning Specific Flutter Libraries through My GPTs as a Beginner Developer
    As a novice developer, I’m interested in training My GPTs on specific libraries in Flutter.
  • What would be the most effective and efficient method for doing this?
  • Is it not advisable to upload the entire library files, perhaps compressed, to My GPTs?

Any guidance you can provide would be greatly appreciated!:smiley: