How do I give a chatbot context / information


I’m a freelance developer and tutor, I am using AI in my Discord server to respond in a questions channel, and allow me to click on messages elsewhere and the bot will generate a response.
( Basically, to deal with occasions where people ask questions which are clearly answerable. )

I have a portfolio, which I’ve literally fed it into the string. For example.

“Your Portfolio: (insert large string here), generate a short and professional response to {message.content} Response:”

This is costing a lot of tokens, but it works.
Additionally, I would like to be able to add more pages to my portfolio so it can help with more questions.

Do I just keep adding onto the string, or am I missing something obvious?

I’m using an API block on BotGhost, I can use python / lua discordia if absolutely needed, but I prefer that I can keep it all on a POST request.

Thank you

(Im not looking to be more organized here, I’m looking to use less tokens)

so basically u have to break it up into smaller chunks and kind of make a brain list of sorts or us can make and array to store these page chunks also if u ask the chatgpt3.5 and 4 how to do this and it will tell u multiple ways u can achieve this I find the chunk methide usually works but sometimes u Gatta make a brain.

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Funny enough, I use GPT to figure out how to make a more concise version of {large string}. It has worked very well so far. Explain that it’s a prompt and ask it to cut out unnecessary data for purposes of keeping tokens low.

Some people would say use shorthand, but shorthands are still a similar amount of tokens. It can probably compress it into bullet points though.

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