How do I get the link?

I’m telling the AI to teach me programming and it says " ( Provides a link to help the user get started with HTML )". But I don´t get a link. Does someone knows what can I do?

Hi Nico, there won’t be any real link. The AI is trained on a bunch of text from different places on the Internet, and a lot of text contains “here’s the link for”.

If you’re looking to learn programming, there are great resources online! I personally prefer the stuff from Free Code Camp (


I second this, is great. There is so much good educational content out there: datacamp,, youtube, coursera, edX etc.

nicoperez338, my best advice would be to understand that every question you have about programming can be googled. Start by learning what Linux is and how to install it. Download the Ubuntu .iso file, install Virtualbox and run a virtual machine. This will give you an environment that you are free to break because you can just delete the VM and run a new one.

Now, in your VM, become familiar with the linux file system. Jose Portilla has a video on youtube that is like 8 hours long and will teach you everything about it.

Once you have a grasp of the Linux file system, you can start to dabble in programming. Start with python. Google “how to learn python” or go on r/learnpython and read the side bar. Start by learning what types are in python, then learn data structures (lists, dictionaries, tuples, sets etc), then learn conditionals. After that, all you’ll need to know is control flow (loops) and you’ll be able to do a lot of things in python.

Next, learn what github is. It’s basically a site where people post their code and let you use it for free and you can even edit their code to make it better. Perhaps the single greatest python educational resource on the internet is a github repository called awesome-python. There are others too.

So yeah unfortunately I don’t think GPT-3 will be able to teach you programming. It’s basically just putting words together that have a good probability of being next to each other, although it’s doing a fantastic job at it. But I hope this post will be able to save you a lot of time on your journey


I’ll do that. Thanks

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