How do I get a receipt from ChatGPT Plus account after merging to Team?

So, who to contact or where to find the receipt/invoice from the ChatGPT Plus accounts after a merging to Teams-account is done? :grimacing:

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Ditto. I’ve upgraded and urgently need my January receipt for my old ChatGPT Plus account. Thanks in advance for addressing this problem quickly.

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Great to hear I wasn’t alone with this issue. Did you find any solution for this?

I am also having troubles with this issue in terms of payment processing.
Does OpenAI have no contact address about payment?

Same here - can we please get an answer on this as my accounts department is chasing me :wink:

Same here – does anyone have a solution for this?

Finally found it!
Go here: chat . openai . com/ # pricing (remove the spaces)
Then click on “Manage my subscription”.
You’ll see your payment history, there.


Well I’ve clicked the same link and it only shows the PLUS-receipt from april. During May I upgraded to Teams on a monthly basis.
60 USD has been withdrawn from my credit card but no reciept can be found.

What do I do as I need the reciept for accounting purposes.

There is no “Manage my subscription” @
Boo Hiss
Does someone Actually know How to get to “Manage my subscription” ?

This is where all the invoices are located.
Go to My Plan/ Manage my subscription.
“My plan” is at top right, “Manage my subscription” is at left bottom at the page of “Upgrade your plan”.

See my post. I have attached a pic.

Thank you for your response :

Following your suggestion but there is no place where it says my plan there used to be my name at left bottom of page chat but no longer it just says upgrade plan and when I click on upgrade plan it says sends me to a page that has three options free , plus , and team. When I click on billing it sends me to

account login and billing if I click on how can I contact sales it says

GPT Enterprise Jeep

API Enterprise

contracts discount related articles how can I access gpt4 gpt4 turbo and gpt40

blah , blah blah . In other words I am unable to get any kind of billing help .

Is there a phone number for sales ?

Your image shows only TWO options Plus and team .

New thought: here is a clue .

the fact that it shows me THREE upgrade options ,

Does that mean that I have no plan ?

I’m afraid I am stuck in a Labyrinth of loop de loop and no answers.
The main thing I want to know is
???What Plan am I on???

Please someone help!!!


This is the email I keep sending to
But I get No Response .
Hello ;
I have emailed,
4 times so far . But I get no response .
So I’ll add to the mix & see
what happens .

I pay $20 per month for what I think is Chatgpt-4 .
In other words , I am confused as to what version
I actually have . I must have one because there is
no MyPlan in lower left corner of page , and instead
there is a “Upgrade plan” .

Main Question:
What Plan do I now have now ?
And if I have a plan and I Upgrade to GPT PLUS ,

can you folks just apply the $20/mo to new plan ?

In other words Don’t double Bill me .

I am hearing that GPT Plus is so much better .
How can I switch my subscription to GPT Plus .

Thank you ,
Vern Mars

PS: Your documentation is so poor , I end up looping
around and around and around and NEVER getting answers .
Your Docs say ‘look in lower left corner of screen’
or ‘Look for a Bubble here’ BUT there is no bubble .
Why can’t you sic your ‘AI Power’ on keeping your Docs
Updated and accurate .

Vern Mars

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