How do I end a message in ChatGPT

Want to thank a user for using my chatbot, how do I do this via “prompt”…this is what I have right now

Opening message: “Hi, I’m XXX, your XXXX assistant.”
Line space.
Message: Before we start, I want you to be aware that any information provided is in accordance with our Privacy Policy, which you can find here at XXXXXX."
Line space.
Message: “By asking a question below, you will be agreeing to our policy.”
Line space
Message: “Ok. How can I help you today?”

(Allow the user to ask their questions and respond with the best possible detailed answer related to UK. If the user asks for more information, carry on providing detailed answers. Use line spaces in your response. Message: “Do you have any follow up questions or is there’s anything else I can help you with?”)

(Then send a final message saying: “Glad I could help. Could you please spread the word about XXXX and, if you are able to make a donation of any amount it would be appreciated.”)

User: {{catchall.message}}

  • Up to “Do you have any follow up questions or is there’s anything else I can help you with?” is working, BUT can’t seem to get the final message to show.

Any help, support would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

Thank you. really appreciate the advice…QQ: If I want it to say exactly as I have written…do I say, write exactly xxxxxxx

Thank you so much, thanks for the time and direction.

I also like the second option but struggling to find away to do it via FlowXO. Every time I add a “send a message” for a last interaction. The last message starts the chat!!!