How do I associate my existing team to a team workspace for ChatGPT+

I already have a Team setup in my ChatGPT account for the API. How do I associate it when adding a Team workspace to my ChatGPT+ subscription?

The only option seems to be to create a new team.

I cannot find documentation on this.

Hey there and welcome to the community!

So, just to let you know, the API and ChatGPT are different services. If you wish to turn your ChatGPT+ account into a Teams account, you would need to upgrade that separately.

So, in essence, I’d have to manage two different teams? That bites.

Why not simplify the bookkeeping for the both of us and let the single organization I have work for both services?
It’s not difficult, we do it here. :wink:

And it would make not only my life easier but also your teams’ lives easier.

Scott Johnson

There are many “why nots” when it comes to the Teams plan. Alas, I am not OpenAI staff. I can only relay what is currently known about the plan.