How chatbot can return images and/or text from my own data in PDFs?

Ran across this paper, which is a PDF, today in my moring current events review.

“The Visual Language of Fabrics” by Valentin Deschaintre, Julia Guerrero-Viu, Diego Gutierrez, Tamy Boubekeur, Belen Masia (pdf)

Noting it here for two reasons:

  • The PDF has images without text in the image but has related text with the images, think test case for your code.
  • The paper notes

We introduce text2fabric, a novel dataset that links free-text descriptions to various fabric materials. The dataset comprises 15,000 natural language descriptions associated to 3,000 corresponding images of fabric materials.

If you don’t see the connection, think more abstract.

While not directly related to your question I found the related browser to be quite interesting; it showcases the effectiveness of the technology.

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