How can I turn on the "Develop your own plugin" and "Install an unveritified plugin" buttons, which are not available on my panel

How can I turn on the “Develop your own plugin” and “Install an unverified plugin” buttons, which are unavailable on my plugin store? Thanks

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Same situation here. I remember seeing both links actually, but now they disappeared with no way to connect the plugin. PLEASE HELP!

Or is this a policy change?

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I hate to say this the only people who can help you are OpenAI staff and they do not read every post. Also the OpenAI staff who do visit this site are so busy they don’t have an opportunity to visit this site daily or as hard it may be to believe they are human and take vacations.

At the bottom right on is a message icon. image Click the icon then enter a message. My understanding is that you will be asked for an email address then the OpenAI staff will contact you via email. I hear it can take weeks before being contacted but remember that this is one of the fastest growing apps ever, please be patient.