How Can I feed a large amount of text to Chat GPT & use it as a database?

I am currently trying to use Chat GPT for my work and essentially feed a 200 page database to chat GPT.

This would allow me to say things like “A customer just booked a call, what are next steps based on the database I sent”

It would then pull from the 200 page database and respond using the processes specifically for my company.


  1. Chat GPT won’t let me send all of the text at once.
  2. It forgets the information once we have ended the chat, therefore I can’t slowly feed it the information page by page.
  3. It refuses to open a google docs link, if it could, I would say "What should I do when someone schedules a call, based on the information on this document Insert google docs link

I have tried integrating with google docs as well, but it still doesn’t seem to be able to pull any information from it. It seems like integration only allows it to write on the doc, but not analyze.

The other idea I had is to turn the document into a txt file and tokenize it using python.

Use Autogpt

Can anyone give me the exact steps on how I could accomplish this?

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