How can I change the email and phone number given during account creation?

We want Open AI account user profile, settings and menu to change email, phone number, password that is provided by them.


I can’t understand how did they miss these basic things. I can’t upgrade to ChatGPT+ because I have changed my phone number and it asks for the phone verification. No way to verify with email and no way to change the phone number. That is absurd…


I can change the email, but I don’t see where can I change the phone.

Me too. and I already started doubting my IT skill when trying to change my contact data :wink:

You should be able to login in link .co (payment gateway) click on use email instead to get the code, it will still prompt you to enter your old number once you do that you get the code in email.

2nd option login directly to link .co and reset your phone number. Use following

Link: Reset Your Account

this looks like the answer but the link you provided isn’t active on my end. Could you add in the url address instead, please?

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