How are we charged if we use paid account for OpenAI

Hello Everyone,

I am very new to OpenAI, wanted to ask you can I use my Rupay Debit Card for payment and how will I be charged.

I am not asking for the costing but for how will you deduct money from my account do we have to topup the amount we want or you automatically deduct from my account.

Thanks & Regards,
Juned Adenwalla

You probably can’t use a rupay card, I guess. It’s locally supported but not worldwide. Get an international enabled card (visa, mastercard).

You’ll be charged as per the your usage at the end of the month. You can take a look at pricing and see your API usage from there. It’s credit based, you use it then pay for what you use at month end.

Thank you for your reply, I got a visa card and open a paid account but from now on where will I be charged? I still have my 18$ credits pending can I still use them?

Yes. You can use that credit until it expires after that you pay