High News Day for AI

Lot’s of interesting AI news today.

MIT Researchers Open-Source Approximate Matrix Multiplication Algorithm MADDNESS

Reinforcement learning improves game testing, EA’s AI team finds

A new model to synthesize emotional speech for companion robots

Simulated AI creatures demonstrate how mind and body evolve and succeed together


OOOO I am very very interested in MIT’s MADDNESS! From the looks of it, theyre smartly using AVX2’s LUT vpermq / vpermd directly in the quantization step which looks super promising!! SSE’s pshufb is also a possibility, though their package only supports AVX2.

This is probably similar to 8 bit quantization where you shift the range of (min, max) to (0, 255) or (-128, 128). However, the difference now if I understood this correctly is the removal of the integer FMA (ie SSE pmaddubsw) and replacing it with a LUT addition? I need to read their research more.

Looks very promising!


Holy mother of jargon…

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Oops are you referring to me?? OOPS sorry!