Helping you with GPT-3 development

Hey everyone,

I can see that there are a lot of very exciting projects being launched with gpt-3.
I’ve been using gpt-3 for the past year and helped over 10 startups with some awesome gpt-3 solutions.
If you need any help with your projects, whether it’s designing prompts from scratch or improving existing models, I’d love to be part of it!

Feel free to drop a message here or send me an email at :wink:


Interested. Please connect with me on Skype. bruce.matichuk is my Skype ID.
My company is called Health Gauge and I’m hoping to build a “Health Coach AI” system based on GPT-3.

Hey Bruce,

I’ll contact you and try to help the best I can.

Awesome! Would love to connect, we’ve got a great project and team and have made some tremendous progress, but I’d love to get your take on where we can improve. Also a few other questions about Top-P and some of the settings.

Will send you an email, thanks!

Russell Palmer
CEO & Co-founder
:robot: :movie_camera:

Hey Russel,

For sure I would love to connect!

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Also interested, I sent through a message via the contact form on your site.


Hey Doug,

Thanks for sending a message. I would love to connect and discuss your exciting idea.