"Help! Prompt Box Disappeared on Desktop for Certain Chats"

I’m running into a bit of a head-scratcher with my GPT plugins. On my desktop, Recently, I’ve been seeing a pop-up window on some chats stating, “Conversations with plugins are archived,” which prompts me to explore the GPT Store for replacements. However, the prompt box is no longer appearing for that specific chat. Strangely, everything seems to be working fine on my iPad.

I’ve tried the usual troubleshooting steps like uninstalling all plugins and clearing my cache, but no luck. It’s like the prompt box decided to ghost me!

Has anyone else experienced this disappearing act with the prompt box? And any ideas on how to coax it back onto my desktop screen? I’m stumped and could really use some help here.


It is somewhat predictable that they would put a new UI for chats with plugins - if the backend for plugins is turned off, and the API the developer made for powering the chat no longer works, you cannot expect to continue the conversation.

It is more interesting that it hasn’t hit all platforms.

Now, does this mean that all chats where plugins were used will be archived and gone, so to speak?

Do I have to include all information from the chat in a new chat? Or is there a way to continue there, or take over the chat information?



I am writing to express my frustration and disappointment with recent issues I’ve encountered while using your service. Despite being a paying customer, I have faced persistent error messages that prevent me from accessing and continuing my conversations. Specifically, the error message suggests that conversations with plugins are archived and redirects me to explore GPT Store, which does not address my needs or concerns.

I have not used any plugins in the instances where these errors occur, making the situation even more perplexing and frustrating. This has significantly hindered my ability to use your service effectively, impacting my overall experience.

I kindly request your immediate attention to this matter. Please investigate and resolve these issues promptly to ensure a smooth and functional experience for all users. Your assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated, as it is crucial for maintaining trust and satisfaction with your service.

Thank you for your understanding and prompt attention to this issue.



I am so upset by this. I have lost a 6+ month conversation without warning.

The worst part is a new conversation cannot even review the conversation using a share link, I have lost all of the context of the convo.

If I could even have one last prompt I could have it summarize the conversation into something I can use to launch a new one, but nada. I have been paying for almost a year for this service, and have lost all of the conversations I use on a weekly basis. What a disaster


this is insane. I really hope they have this data backed up to give us …

To be clear the conversation exists and can be accessed, but is not accepting new prompts. No data has been lost just time invested in curating conversations around specific topics.

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Any answer? Need my chats. I’m paying for it.

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If a chat is indeed “archived”, as in moved somewhere else instead of merely not being able to talk to the AI any more, the place you can explore to discover is the same as if you press “archive chat” yourself:
Settings → General → Archived Chats → Manage

In the first screenshot, though, we can see the earlier conversation and its feedback buttons above the blocked input box.

Seems to have been resolved…at least on my end. Input box restored.

Hello here. I am also starting to experience this issue today. Any solutions? It’s really frustrating.

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The message “Explorer GPT Store to find replacement” suggests that you have been using a plugin for your conversations.

Additionally, it is noted on the help site that the continuation of conversations using the plugin will go through a winding down process and will not continue after April 9, 2024.

So instead of trying to continue conversations started with the plugin, you have to secure the conversation data by exporting it, and look for a GPTs with similar function to start new conversations.

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I’m encountering the same issue I reported previously: important chats are inaccessible on my desktop app. There’s a pop-up message on some older chats stating “Conversations with plugins are archived” and prompting me to explore the GPT Store for replacements. However, the UI prompt box for restoring these chats is no longer appearing. I removed older plugins from chat several weeks ago. Interestingly, all my chats seem to be working perfectly on my iOS app.

Has anyone else experienced this issue?

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Same issue here. This is really inconsiderate - I spent months training that particular chat on our business, brand voice, etc, HOURS invested in it. Now all that hard work is lost. GPT should provide a solution for this.
Does anyone know if htere is a way to export the chat and have a new chat ingest the info? EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING. I dont have time to retrain a new one and now I dont want to invest in these chats again. It’s now less useful.