Help needed : Billing Method - Ensuring Invoices Reflect Full Top-Up Amount

Hi there,

I understand that the billing method operates on a prepaid (Pay as you go) basis. So when I top up $100, I expect to have $100 in token credits. However, the invoices I receive at the end of each month only reflect the amount spent, based on the tokens used. This poses an issue for my company’s reimbursement process because we can only reimburse based on what’s shown on the invoice. For example, if we’ve topped up $400 but only used a portion of that credit, the invoice will only show the amount spent, not the total credit available.

Does anyone have any advice on how we can ensure that our invoices reflect the full top-up amount, even if the entire credit isn’t used within the billing cycle?



Hi there and welcome to the Forum!

At the point of top-up, an invoice for the top-up amount is created, which you can access and download in your billing history (see Settings > Organization > Billing > Billing History). You also receive an email confirming the top-up, which includes the link to the billing history.

Also, I am not sure why you would still receive invoices at the end of the month given you have been migrated to pre-paid billing :thinking:

Anyway, let me know in case anything is still unclear.

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