Help me understand how does work OpenAI api

link how can ı do app with openai api according to this link?
example where do ı write this code ```Authorization: Bearer OPENAI_API_KEY`` and what should ı do next

What you describe is the header of a HTTP request.

If you do not know how to send that, and you are not familiar with application programming where you interface with other software, than an Application Programming Interface will take learning fundamental internet programming first.

Some of the technical details that are required can be minimized by using a programming library from OpenAI for a language such as Python or Javascript with node.js.

You just need to learn how to make calls to a RESTFUL web service, in whatever language you want, and then you’ll just submit those kinds of posts to the OpenAI servers. Basically you send it JSON and you get back JSON.

So OpenAI is using that that same technology. If you know how to call a RESTFUL service then you know how to use OpenAI’s HTTP API.

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