[Help] Getting ChatGPT to generate a text using only specified words

I’m trying to get ChatGPT to generate texts that consist only of words that were given in advance.
I’ve since discovered that the way in which ChatGPT tokenizes words and isn’t in fact able to “read” them makes this particularly challenging. Similarly, you won’t be able to get it to make a sentence that doesn’t contain the letter “e” for instance.

I’m desperately looking for a workaround, though. I’ve tried getting it to write a Python script that contains only the allowed words, asking it to only proceed with writing after checking that what it wrote actually coincides with what’s in the provided list of results, but no matter how much I try to fine-tune the results are disappointing. Only after repeated follow-up prompting did it successfully produce words that were only in the list, but they no longer were sentences - just loose words.

Any idea what kind of prompt could get it to look at words differently than it’s used to in a way that would allow me to accomplish my goal?