Help building a custom gpt that has to learn from books

Hi guys,I want to build an custom fine tuned astrologer bot.I have no idea how will I use books to fine tune the chatgpt 3 api.Can any one help me with it?

I know the data must be in structure of 50-100 examples.How do I represent the bookish knwoledge in such format.

I want the bot to ask for the geographical location of person,date of birth and time of birth.And to use it to make prediction of what question user ask about himself.Bot will be hosted on a wordpress website.
Please help.The bot will answer 1 question per credit.And first 5 credit will be free with frist login done via gmail.later the user can buy credit.I want to use wordpress at first but if there is a better method avaiable please let me know.

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Not to discourage you, but it really sounds like you’re biting off more than you can chew for your very first project.

What aspects of this project are you able to do?