Hello world I’m in the UK and have API access OK using a UK credit card…🙂

Same for me - very disappointing, I have a beta product using GPT 3.5 but I really need 4. It may be location based - they give out access more quickly to USA devs than other countries.

Access to GPT-4 is not based on location, the main factors are how long you have been on the waiting list, how much experience you have with OpenAI products and services and how unique and interesting your proposed use case example is.

The ultimate goal is to provide all developers with GPT-4 API access, but that is not possible as the available compute resources are insufficient to meet all of the current demand. Please be patient and you will eventually be granted access.


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I have been also trying to get API GPT 4 however it doesn’t matter where you are from. Waitlist is something that treat all o us the same way. The main thing that they are looking at is our idea and things like for example if we have experience in this area at all, if our idea is creative and can achive good outcome. So maybe if you haven’t got any feedback try sending request once again but with different idea.