Hello u got question here.... about AI type i getting confuse

I seek your guidance in building an AI assistant without any restrictions to remember my data. I am looking to create a system that can perform various tasks such as converting text to images, blogging, and retrieving product-related information to help generate ideas. Additionally, it should be able to browse the internet, read repository codes, and act as a co-pilot. It would be great if it could also generate videos or images for my blogspot. However, as I am new to this, I am not sure which AI to choose or how to implement it as my assistant. Could you please suggest a suitable combination of AI that can help me achieve my goals without any limitations and guide me on how to manage my data with it? Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

try building an ai brain like a binary brain externally for the ai to store information it will work with a base neural network. if u ask ChatGPT to help make a customize binary ai brain it will guild u towards that