Have Premium and (error=unsupported_country)

As say in topic - paid Premium, and after 2 days cant access chatGPT with error (error=unsupported_country)

Are you in it? Or are you using a vpn? Or did you use a vpn to buy the ChatGPT Plus?

Using working VPN, but currently living in Kazakhstan, pay Premium with card Kazakhstan bank

here’s a list of supported countries

if yours is in it you should be able to use it without any vpn

Okay, but how i can stop my subscription?

OpenAI staff is very busy and not easy to contact for these types of requests (at this time).

Just send a message to support@openai.com asking to cancel and then contact your credit card company and dispute the charge.

There is nothing wrong with disputing a charge with your credit card company and you will not be “penalized” by OpenAI for disputing this charge.

OpenAI is a good company; but they are very busy because of the exponential growth during the recent media frenzy about ChatGPT.

Others like you @youth_perch.0i have also subscribed via a VPN to find later their access blocked by Clouldfares VPN / proxy detection algorithms.



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Is there any chance I can access my account with Kazakstan IP?
I was very excited when I saw the news about premium subscription for your service and immediately paid for it using my Kazakhstan bank card (where I live at the moment). I was very excited to use your service for self-study of programming.
I’m not don’t want stop using Plus feature :frowning:

My country is on the list, but i get error=unsupported_country. Weird was working all along

The list hasn’t been updated I guess.
You’re probably using a VPN. Or you’re from a region that recently banned ChatGPT?

I’m from Singapore, did not use VPN all this while and I’m using dedicated IP. Only difference is i changed to a new Mac 1 week ago and tried to access it today.

Go to myip.com and check what region it shows you. If it’s a supported country, then something’s off.

Yes, it shows my correct dedicated IP and country. I have no issues when using mobile network, so i don’t think its an issue with the country, but i keep getting error=unsupported_country

In that case, you should contact support on help.openai.com

only bot is on the chat no humans, if i log in it will show error=unsupported_country
i can’t even go to OpenAI API, see screenshot below

Even checked with the access checker script and it shows ok for my IP. Tried other browsers same results
CleanShot 2023-04-04 at 03.18.29