Hacked - Chats Cleared - 2FA not available

Is there any way to restore deleted chats?
Someone logged into my account and deleted them all and proceeded to open a new chat all in chinese… and 2FA isn’t even in the settings… China login, but this AI website can’t spot a security risk? I followed the instructions to enable 2FA, but the setting just isn’t in the menu. I’m so confused.
This website is a joke, the navigation, the support,. I’m upset. I had a huge chat log, one in particular that is devastating to lose (New chat doesn’t remember anything from it). I’ve paid $20 a month since day 1… this is insane. I understand the popularity and inundated support staff but this is crazyy! The chat thing won’t even let me send a question… Even tho others are reporting MONTHS for answers.


New MFA activations are currently paused.

Thanks for the response.

This is ridiculous. Looking for alternative options for gpt now.

There really isn’t, at least not with the same quality.

I recommend in the future,

  1. Regularly export your data.
  2. When MFA is re-enabled do so.

Good luck.