Guidance Requested: Adherence to Google AdMob Policies with OpenAI's ChatGPT API

Dear OpenAI Developer Support Team,

We are reaching out regarding an issue we’re facing with our application which utilizes your ChatGPT API. We have encountered a challenge related to “Google-served ads on screens with replicated content” in our Google AdMob account.

According to Google AdMob’s guidelines, Google-served ads are not permitted on screens that have embedded or copied content from other sources without additional commentary, curation, or value. Additionally, there is a requirement to adhere to Google’s Intellectual Property Abuse policy.

We want to clarify that we have subscribed to OpenAI’s ChatGPT API and are consistently paying for the tokens. This API is the source of our content, and we’re not copying content from elsewhere. We believe this aligns with the principle of adding value, as we are utilizing the ChatGPT API to provide a unique service to our users.

Despite extensive research in Google and AdMob policies, we’re uncertain about the specific issue with Google-served ads on screens. Our searches have not led us to a similar problem.

We kindly request your guidance on how we can adhere to Google’s rules and policies while using the ChatGPT API, and continue using AdMob in our application.

We greatly appreciate your support and understanding.

Welcome to our dev community.

Honestly, that sounds more like a question for the Google Ads side to me.

Are you guaranteeing this somehow? LLMs are known to hallucinate and sometimes even copy verbatim other content.