Growing frustrated with the lack of support from OpenAI

Has anyone had any experience getting in touch with people in support? Actually being able to talk to someone? I’m irritated as I’ve been a subscribing member of plus since literally hour one. I have to have been in the handful of people who happened to refresh the website when it launched. I went all in because I am interested in the accessibility features this tech holds for people like me with invisible disabilities.

The initial draw when I subbed was the reveal of ChatGPT 3.5 Turbo, which within a week was the default, thereby making my $20/mo subscription utterly worthless (oh there’s alleged “priority” connections, but I’ve seen no difference in the amount of times I’m throttled now vs then). Then they came out with GPT-4 for Plus subs, and restricted it so heavily that when you finally get going with it the limit is up. Then they added a bait and switch button that irrevocably alters your chat model to 3.5 if you decide to keep using it after your 25 messages are up without the ability to switch back at will if your messages were not up.

Then they release plugins (allegedly, I still haven’t seen them despite trying again and again for the waitlist), They essentially lie about 32k context length. They announced it and then gave it to nobody to use. It seems they’ve quietly added internet access for some plus subscribers. I knew it was a long shot but checked anyway and surprise surprise, nothing on my account.

OpenAI’s management of feature distribution appears much closer to a scam in which they steal thousands of users sub payment each month and don’t deliver any promised features. I’m getting close to charging back my credit card.