Grants lock us out from accessing GPT4 API - no billing event until grant expires (Nov 2023)

To access GPT4 in the API we are told you need one successful billing event.
We have a grant that expires 1st Nov, 2023, and so no billing events are occurring.
So we are locked out from accessing GPT 4 API.

I have checked what models we have access to via models query but GPT4 models aren’t listed in the response that comes back - just GPT3.5 and others…

So, can someone unlock GPT 4 API so we can use our Grant towards it?
If not, can you just cancel our Grant so we can get a successful billing event, and then use it?

OpenAI is rolling out GPT-4 access to all developers now.

It is expected all developers will have access by the end of the month.


Technically, the wording is “new developers”. As in: not developers that are new to OpenAI, but increasing the group of developers with GPT-4 enabled, by adding developers that are new to the group.

When Logan posted the blog link he used the wording all developers, so that’s what I’ve been going with.

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