GPTs made by OpenAI manual prompts not working

Although the preset prompts do work, once you type your manual prompt it is not possible to send it to the GPT, either by pressing enter or by pressing the send button.

This only works with GPTs made by OpenAI, with ChatGPT still working normally. I do have a Plus account, and I guess I should be able to use the GPTs normally.

What could be happening? I did a quick search and found that other people had the same issue.

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Are you able to access GPTs or any idea if it is rolling out gradually?

The GPT tab is available to me. Also, when I click on the default prompts that are available (e.g., in the Sous Chef GPT) I am able to get a response.

My problem happens specifically when inputting manual prompts: I am not able to enter my prompts, nor by pressing “Enter” nor by pressing the send arrow.

I guess they are rolling out gradually and that might be a problem of it not working. For me it’s not available yet, though they expected to release for everyone after DevDay. I also saw similar problem somewhere in forum where GPTs are available, but not working for some users.

Let’s wait for couple of more hours. I am as eager to get hands on to them as you :slight_smile: