GPTs forces me to use my deadname

The feature where you can create your own GPTs was recently rolled out and I really like this feature. The only issue is that when sharing GPTs, trans people like me are forced to use the name on our billing details rather than the name on our accounts. I would be forced to out my deadname to the world in order to share GPTs because my credit card uses it. You can understand why this presents a problem.

I would like to request OpenAI add an option to choose the name displayed with our GPTs. It’s essential for ensuring that all users feel respected and correctly represented.


I understand your issue.
You can go and change your name first on your billing section of ChatGPT in you profile. There is a small link you can press where you can change name address and so on. Change it and then refresh the web page.

I have the same problem - I would like to change the name on my GPT’s. I changed it in my billing info (handled by Stripe) but it doesn’t work. Did I miss something?