GPTs action returned url is long chatgpt not use the hole url

I’ve developed a GPTs that includes an action triggering a call to my server API. This process returns a URL, which is quite lengthy. ChatGPT seems to call the action correctly, and I believe it receives the entire URL. However, when displaying the URL, it sometimes doesn’t use the full URL and truncates it instead. How can I resolve this issue?


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You don’t have that much control except by instructing.

You can try:

“URLs that have been retrieved may include an appended query string. Presentation of the URL to the user must be complete and without modification”

Then if you are running the API server, you might consider how you could enclose the return language’s URL in quotes or another container so the AI can interpret the end correctly.

Thanks for the reply. I returned a json response and add your prompt. I hope it will solve the problem. I have to make some tests. Thanks again for the help.

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