GPT4 Works Perfectly Yesterday, Crashes Today, Why?

HELP PLEASE … I am using the ChatGPT 4 Builder to simply create a Career Improvement Class. The model simply has to present, score and interpret 8 short questionnaires that make up the class. I have been struggling for a month. Two weeks ago, it successfully presented, scored and interpreted all 8 questionnaires properly. But since then, it presents the questions in the wrong order, or in the correct order with the wrong number attached to the question, or sometimes the same question twice. Mind you, i have not changed the files i upload and I have not changed the instructions to the gpt model i pasted into the Configure window. All conditions on my end are the same. I write everything in plain english text, because I’m supposed to be able to, right? Can someone help me determine what is going on here? Thanks. Jim