GPT4 should be unlocked. It's currently scamming you

We are paying for ChatGPT 4. That money is supposed to help increase the ressources so we don’t have limitation.

as of now, paying give you the same as being free. Plugins are near useless and gpt3 can do anything gtp4 does beside browsing.


either the restriction get remove, or we should leave openai altogether.

It’s quite easy to run chatgpt locally and if you think of it longterms (20 buck x 12 = 240 euros. A tesla gpu with 24gb is about 190 euros. it’s far more efficient. less money wasted.

Also they tried to dump Sam Altmann. so basically they want to get rid of ethics.

Chat gtp is meant to be a tool that the world can use and they are trying to make a tool that can use peoples instead.

Open AI is going on the corporate path and will follow greed more than anything else. It’s only a matter of time.

thus i suggest we all leave open ai and stop giving them money.