GPT4 not working properly

Something’s going on because GPT is producing text very slowly, and it cannot even finish its messages! I’ve tried already about 10 times!! It started a bit slow and got worse by the minute! Is anyone else experiencing this?

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Sorry bro :frowning:

One thing that could be a factor is the new content filter. Can you take a look at what the finish reason is? (assuming you get it to finish)

Another thing that people have reported is that lower tiers seem to get lower NF performance. What tier are you in?

I’m on the $20 Plus plan. It says “network error” at the end, but it doesn’t finish.

Aaah, you’re talking about ChatGPT then, not the API.

Yeah I don’t use that. Could you maybe update your tags (if it’s possible) so people can find your thread?

How do I update my tags? Never done that before!

I don’t know, I’ve never made a thread before :laughing:

I’m also experiencing this, especially when asking for help with code. It’s unusable at the moment.

Same here. I’m getting “network error” on every long response. Have to write “continue” every time. The problem is not only that, but also the fact that I spend my message cap faster because of the “continue” messages.

same problem, “error in stream” “network error” does not finish the codes. It gives unexpected line breaks that if it is listing this happens:

1 C
Continuing to error