GPT4 looping it's responses

I noticed recently that gpt4 picks up that it cut a response short and then acknowledges it, then continues on, which is really great. However at the same time I’ve noticed that it will be stuck in loop and keep re writing it’s response. In the instances where it did this I would let it repeat about 3 times before stopping it. Has anyone else experienced this.

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I’ve also experienced this looping issue, first a few weeks ago and then several times since, including today. Do you find this happens with code specifically or with any text? My recollection is that it’s mainly when dealing with code. The AI tends to apologize for prematurely ending a response, then reinitiates the entire response, duplicating previously written text. I’ve noticed this happening in two scenarios: firstly, when a response cuts off before providing the complete code, prompting me to instruct it to “continue”, only for it to start from the beginning; and secondly, where the AI continues to apologize for incomplete responses and attempts to restart, without returning the control to me.

yes, this happened to me too when I gave him the error in the code, from line 37. ChatGPT wrote the code again, but when he got to line 37 again, he interrupted the code and started writing it again . And so on, and he wrote the code up to line 37, and he interrupted and wrote it again, as if in a continuous loop.

So I think it gets stuck on certain errors. Either he doesn’t know the solution, or he can’t find the solution in his database, and something prevents him from moving on