GPT4 is dumber with plugins?

I’m not sure if it’s just me but has anyone else found GPT4 seems to give stupid suggestions when plugins or web access is enabled? I honestly have found GPT4 to be a life changing tool that has opened my world up so much, I’m not knocking it but whenever it has plugins turned on it just gets weird.

Recent example I’m trying to get it to read a PDF, I’m going through all the PDF plugins none are working, and it keeps telling me to just upload the PDF into the chat. It just said:

I apologize for any confusion. You can upload the PDF file directly to this chat. To do this, please follow these steps:

Click on the paperclip icon or the "Upload File" button, usually found at the bottom of the chat window.
Select the PDF file from your device that you want to upload.
Once the file is selected, it will be uploaded to this chat.

After you upload the file, I will be able to read its contents and assist you further. Please note that the user interface might vary slightly depending on the platform you are using.

ChatGPT would hallucinate like this but never GPT4 before. Also when I showed it my CV and asked it to search the web for a job I’d be well suited for it seemed to think I would make an excellent choice as a CISO because I was the project manager one a pen test at work once.

I’m not sure if it’s just me but has anyone else noticed that the responses are much worse when it has access to these features?

Yes. I feel the same thing. It seems to me that some of the “intelligent work” is out sourced to plugins, making the GPT much dumber.